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Make This V8-Powered Vintage Sprint Car Your Budget Track Toy

It’s one of just 99 ever made and packs a 390 cubic-inch Ford V8.

byNico DeMattia|
Bring a Trailer
Bring a Trailer.


Modern-day sprint cars are such hilariously overpowered ultra-lightweight track cars that many of them use massive, table-sized wings just to maintain traction, especially on dirt tracks. However, traditional wingless Sprint cars are arguably more fun to watch, due to their lack of traction and classic race car looks. And this vintage Sprint car from the 1960s, packing a Ford V8, is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer with a price that could make it the perfect budget track-day toy.

This specific sprint car is said to be one of 99 commissioned by Luke Bogar, owner of Bogar’s Speed Shop in the '60s. The previous owner restored its engine, body, brakes, and even its "Bogar's Special" livery, which also features Gene Varner's name, one of the car's original drivers.

Under the hood is a 390 cubic-inch Ford V8, with a Holley four-barrel carburetor and a Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, paired with an in-and-out-style gearbox. Since there isn't a starter motor, the V8 Sprint car requires a push-start to get going. In the video posted by the seller, you can watch a successful push-start, so it runs and it sounds great.

Its massive Hoosier rear tires are meant for dirt ovals and its front Firestones wrap around lightweight magnesium wheels. Four-wheel disc brakes do the stopping and a Schroeder steering box handles turning.

Sprint cars are designed to be as light as absolutely possible and current ones typically tip the scales at around 1,400 pounds but it's unclear how heavy this '60s car is. Its body is hilariously shaped, though, as it looks like someone made an open-wheel race car from a tractor. Even its seating position seems oddly high for a track car. However, the combination of the V8 engine, lightweight construction, and funny-looking body make this '60s Sprint car an extremely desirable track toy.

Sweetening the deal even further is its price. With two days left on the auction, the current bid is at $3,200. While it's almost certainly going to go up, the winning bidder might still get quite the deal, as this exact Sprint car sold on Bring a Trailer in November 2023 for $7,390. The downside is that it doesn't come with a title because it can't be registered for road use. However, if don't need to drive it off the track, this vintage race car could be yours for the same price as a nicely sorted Miata.

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