Koenigsegg Made an Over-Engineered Mini Shrine to Hold Your Hypercar’s Key

It looks like it should hold the key to a Bond villain’s doomsday device.

byNico DeMattia|
Koenigsegg via Instagram
Koenigsegg via Instagram.


Christian von Koenigsegg can't do anything in a simple manner. Every product that bears his name must be so ornate and created with such precision that its construction impresses even the smartest among us. So why wouldn't Koenigsegg's new key holder be the most absurdly over-engineered one we've ever seen?

In Koenigsegg's defense, someone who pays several millions of dollars for a hypercar likely wants to keep its key in something more special than an olive wood tray from T.J. Maxx. But even in the world of high-end key housing devices, Koenigsegg's stands out, because it looks like it should protect something that would trigger a world-ending technology, sat atop a Bond villain's desk.

Each key is specifically made and custom-finished for the car it unlocks, and the key holder is etched with the VIN of said car. The actual holder itself is made from polished aluminum and is a 3D representation of the key's shape—Koenigsegg's shield emblem. It also has two little doors on top that open to expose the key, not unlike the creepy eggs from Alien. The holder then sits on a cylindrical stand composed of aluminum and carbon fiber. According to Koenigsegg, the Fabergé egg-inspired design is made to ensure a "micrometer-perfect" fit for the key, but then I'd expect nothing less from the man who invented the baffling Light Speed Transmission.

It's unclear if this key holder comes with the order of a new Koenigsegg but, since the Jesko costs a smooth $3 million, the Swedes better throw it in gratis. However, people who can afford cars like the Jesko probably aren't thinking about it that way. This is the ultimate way to display the key of their multi-million dollar middle finger to physics, after all, so the key holder is therefore worth whatever it costs. It's easy for us regular folk to roll eyes at these sorts of absurd displays of wealth, and maybe it's deserved, but I also have to admit that I'd love this key holder and desperately want one because, as silly as it might sound, I know it's as carefully constructed as everything else to bear its shield. Plus, it'd be fun to open it up and see the fob to my 2006 Honda Pilot pop out.

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