Ford Is Paying Camaro, Charger, and Challenger Owners $1K To Buy a New Mustang

Ford is looking to benefit from the faltering muscle car market, offering a major discount to a very specific set of customers.

byMatt Salter|
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Given fluctuations in the muscle car market -- cancellation of the Camaro, tightening environmental regulations, the potential of muscle-car-styled EVs -- anyone invested is likely to try innovative strategies to keep customers engaged. Ford's got a great one: it'll straight up pay owners of Chevy Camaros, Dodge Chargers, and Dodge Challengers $1,000 to switch to a new Mustang.

"Conquest cash" is the practice of a dealer offering incentives for customers who currently shop with one of their competitors. There's nothing new about the idea of conquest cash by itself. Dealers love a chance to take income from a nemesis. Buyers love the potential price incentives.

What's unique here is that with the Mustang's three competitors already out of production, Ford is extending the offer to owners or lessees of every single LX Dodge Charger and Challenger on the road, and any Camaro from 1995 onward.

The deal could be a sensible swap for price-minded fans of American muscle, particularly with older rides. Classic muscle car aficionados might find it faintly sacrilegious -- muscle cars are supposed to be tribal! What happened to Ford v. Chevy v. Mopar? -- but given struggles to stay solvent across the market, it's a slick way to increase customer interest and cost competitors a few vital dollars.

It's also a sign that the marketplace is changing, for better and worse. Chevy is done with the Camaro, at least in its current form. The muscle car revival of the late 2000s is well and truly over. Ford seems determined to leave as little money on the table as possible.

Ford's $1000-off offer to Camaro, Charger, and Challenger drivers is valid nationwide until April 30.

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