Bet You Thought This Was a Real Lamborghini for a Second

Fieros are fun but a V8-powered Countach version is funner. 
Lamborghini replica.
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Every time I see a Pontiac Fiero, I think of one particular local DJ I grew up with. He was too tall and too broad for that little red car. But once he got behind the wheel of his then 10-year-old two-seater, he was a vision of perfection. Also, yes, I had a massive crush on him. Anyway, this Fiero that is up for grabs on Cars & Bids will not stoke such visions of [name redacted]. Because it looks just like a Countach.

Outfitted with a conversion kit courtesy of UK-based Countach replica specialist Prova Designs, this 1984 Fiero is more than just a Lambo lookalike. The stock engine was replaced with a Chevy-derived 5.7-liter V8, and its factory transmission was now a Porsche Type 901 5-speed manual. An actual Lamborghini V12 engine might obliterate the small sports car. But if you’re halfway there in a car half the size? Fun.

Other mods include 15-inch Countach-style wheels and seats, VDO gauges, an Alpine head unit, and custom leather upholstery. The air conditioning works, and, of course, it’s equipped with the signature scissor doors. Its red exterior and beige interior are the right color combo, too, for either Fiero or Countach. With all the doors open and the headlights popped up, the darn thing looks like a life-size diecast car. 

Its service record is up to date, but there are gaps in its vehicle history. At least no accidents are listed in the reported timeline. A Lemon Squad inspection lists additional service and maintenance needs, such as a carburetor tune, alignment, corrosion on exhaust components, and evidence of a possible oil leak. The Lambo Fiero is not without cosmetic defects either, but almost all of which can be attributed to normal wear and tear. This is a 40-year-old vehicle, after all. Its knees are cracking, and its back hurts. 

However, the most notable issue is the odometer, which has been replaced with no documentation of its original mileage. The vehicle’s current odometer shows a low 1,600 miles, but that comes with a True Mileage Unknown (TMU) footnote.

The Pontiac Countach has been registered in the South since 2003 and has a clean title. Currently, the top bid is $31,800. Anyone interested has until tomorrow afternoon to vie for this supercar homage. I wonder if [name redacted] would look like he’s going through a midlife crisis in this thing. Possibly, but wishful thinking wants me to believe he’d still look perfect.