Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept Is a Rolling Paradise for Canine Passengers

Why force your pet to ride in anything less than the lap of luxury?


We all love our dogs, but many of us find it common practice to put our furry friends in the uncomfortable rear of our SUVs. Nissan has now come out with a X-Trail (the European version of the Murano) 4Dogs concept to cater to dog lovers. The X-Trail 4Dogs concept vehicle comes equipped with quilted leather stitching in the rear, warming vents, a 10-inch screen, and plenty of other goodies tailor-made for pooches.

In order to keep your four-legged friend clean, the X-Trail 4Dogs also comes with a shower, dryer, and several attachments so you can adequately clean your dog before putting it into the car. The rear compartment also comes with a bed, a spill-proof water bowl, an access ramp, as well as a two-way audio connection so you and your pup can talk to one another. (Though it's probably a pretty one-sided conversation.)

All these features may seem nice but they are not available to the public as the X-Trail 4Dogs is still (and probably will remain) a concept. Hopefully we will see some of these concepts translate into the public market...especially those nice pullout drawers.