Watch This Australian Crash Video For a Lesson in How Not to Merge

Be nice while driving or you’ll probably end up in an otherwise preventable accident.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Feb 28, 2017 12:00 PM
Watch This Australian Crash Video For a Lesson in How Not to Merge

If you want to prevent avoidable accidents from occurring while on the road, it's best to have at least some courtesy when behind the wheel. Though from the looks of this video—shared on the "Dash Cam Owners Australia" Facebook page—these two Australian motorists might say otherwise.

In the clip, you can see that an SUV to the left of the truck attempts to overtake the rig as the SUV's lane is ending. That in itself is poor driving etiquette. Sure, you could argue that the truck could've yielded to the crossover, but it probably would've been in the clear if the driver attempting to merge just slowed down to get behind the truck, or even sped up once it was almost clear of the truck. 

The driver of the SUV did none of those things and ended up getting collected by the truck and swung across the roadway. 

"My old man was involved in this crash last week in his semi trailer [sic] it worth a share as a lot of car drivers are idiots when around trucks and this stuff happens everyday, [sic] people need to remember there not going to get to there [sic] destination any quicker driving like a pissed off teenager," said Jimmy, the person who sent the video in to "Dash Cam Owners Australia, according to the post.

Basically, it's one big mess. Both truck or the SUV could've slowed down and both parties probably would've been fine. But that didn't happen.

It's just dumb driving. 

Watch the clip below.