Let a State Trooper Remind You How to Use Your Blinkers

Because apparently some people can’t be bothered.

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Feb 25, 2017 10:38 AM
Let a State Trooper Remind You How to Use Your Blinkers

Changing lanes without using blinkers is a dick move. It can lead to other motorists around you not knowing your next move on the road, which could then create dangerous driving situations which no one wanted or asked for. In case you've forgotten the importance of using your turn signals, an Indiana State Trooper will show you what's up.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer John Perrine uploaded a video to his Facebook page Friday that (slightly sarcastically) shows the ins and outs of using blinkers. 

“The auto industry has made incredible advancements on technology and safety in vehicles, but what if I told you there was a feature on every car that is standards that will not only help prevent crashes, but also help prevent road rage?” Perrine said in the video.

The stalk to the left of your steering wheel is there for a reason, so please use it.

Find Perrine's video below: