Watch From Inside as a Bus Drives Straight Into a Train

The driver apparently suffered from “some kind of medical episode.”

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Feb 3, 2017 5:07 PM
Watch From Inside as a Bus Drives Straight Into a Train

A bus driver in Texas was suffering from health issues when he fainted while behind the wheel, leading his people-hauler to crash head-on into a freight train in January, according to reports. 

A video uploaded to LiveLeak's YouTube channel shows the trajectory of the bus as it veers off a highway in Midland, Texas on January 9th. Right before the bus goes the road, its driver can be seen slumping over and becoming unresponsive to everything going on around him and his vehicle.

Two passengers were on the bus when the incident took place and were treated for minor injuries after the crash, according to the video's description. 

“The driver of a TRACS public transportation vehicle had struck a stationary train. When we came out to the scene, we found that the driver apparently had some kind of medical episode,” said a spokeswoman for the City of Midland to San Angelo Live.