The Grand Tour Is Leaving Crashed Priuses Around The World

The perfect promotion ramps up ahead of the show’s debut on Friday.

bySean Evans|
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Amazon has spared no expense when it comes to promoting The Grand Tour, which debuts on Prime this Friday, November 18th. The studio bought at least three Toyota Prius hybrids, smashed and crashed them, leaving the wrecked remains in London, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Commuters passing through Kings Cross in England got a bit of a shock when they happened across a Grand Tour-branded Prius smushed up against a mailbox. The number plate on that white hybrid? “M4Y.”

Meanwhile, in Hackescher Markt in Berlin, Germany, a red Prius was embedded in the pavement, in front of a banner with “#TheGrandTour” printed on it. That car’s license plate reads “H4MMOND.”

And in Los Angeles, smack in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, a blue Prius has been shoved into the sidewalk. No one's confirmed that plate, but presumably it’s “CL4RKSON.”

The genius stunt likely comes directly from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, who have been vocal opponents of the eco-conscious hybrids in the past. While the Los Angeles spotter mentions that The Grand Tour was “mucking things up on my way to work,” the trio would actually like to do the opposite. They’ve lent their voices to Waze, so now you can listen to them argue about which way you’re supposed to go.

Bless this full-on marketing blitz. Friday can’t come soon enough.

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