Impatient Russian Hatchback Tries to Pass, Immediately Pays for It

Another Russian dash cam video that doesn’t disappoint.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Oct 7, 2016 6:45 PM
Impatient Russian Hatchback Tries to Pass, Immediately Pays for It

Slowing down when traffic begins to thicken is usually standard operating procedure when behind the wheel, but apparently, SOP didn't apply to at least one driver in Russia. A dash cam video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday shows said motorist plowing heading into a congested roadway...only to wind up having his or her car punted onto its side when another car slammed into it.

Filmed from the perspective of a motorist traveling in the middle lane of a six-lane roadway, the video starts out with what appears to be a Toyota Yaris passing cars in the left lane, then swooping all the way across the lanes to the far-right side of the road. The Yaris is briefly in the clear for the first few moments—until another driver merges into the Yaris's lane, causing a spectacular collision that leaves the small Japanese hatchback on its side.

Admittedly, vehicular mishaps like this are surprisingly common in Russia. But what's rather amazing about this video is the number of people who run over to the flipped car after they realize what happened. It's incidents like this one (and the fiery crash The Drive reported on in August reported on in August) that make it seem like this world might not be the completely terrible place the news makes it out to be.

Let it be known that if you crash your car—at least in Russia—good Samaritans may still come to your assistance, even if you are driving like a jerkoff. But still: Please look in your mirrors when changing lanes, and slow down when you see traffic coming to a stop in front of you.