America’s Final Mitsubishi Evo Is Up for Sale On eBay Right Now

The auction proceeds will go to California food bank charities.

byAaron Brown|
For Sale photo

Truly great cars simply can't remain in production forever. If a wonderful car sticks around long enough, sooner or later, it often winds up decaying into something far less lust-worthy. Sadly, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X's time has come, and the Japanese automaker has decided to make the most of the final car by auctioning it off for a good cause.

The final U.S.-bound Lancer Evo X Final Edition, known as "US1600" due to it being the last of the 1,600 Final Edition Cars coming h, is up for auction today on eBay with a starting bid of $46,200. Once sold, proceeds from the sale of the 303-horsepower sports sedan will go to Feeding America Riverside and the San Bernardino and Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, California. Mitsubishi is dedicating the auction to National Hunger Action Month.

The auction went live at noon East Coast time, and will run for a full week. As of this writing, the sale is sitting still at its starting bid price of $46,200, with no signs of bidding action so far—so if you're one of those Subaru WRX STI-deniers who has been searching for one very special Evo, here's your chance.

If you are somewhat on the fence, remember there are other glorious boy-racer cars that aren't all-but-unchanged over the last nine years on the market—and most of them at lower prices than the Evo Final Edition: not just the STI, but also the Ford Focus RS, the VW Golf R, the new Chevrolet Camaro, the new Ford Mustang...we could go on. Then again, picking up any of those cars instead of this last Evolution not only means missing the chance to help California's also means not being able to take home a piece of automotive history.