Travis Pastrana Hospitalized After Base Jumping Accident During Gymkhana Filming

The AWD 1983 Subaru drift wagon is fine, but Pastrana suffered multiple hip fractures and a broken L5 vertebrae.

Just a week ago, Travis Pastrana revealed he’d be starring in a new Gymkhana film with his all-wheel-drive 1983 Subaru GL wagon. The car handles the high-speed stunts just fine, apparently, though a base-jumping accident has left Pastrana hospitalized. As the Nitro Circus leader and Hoonigan team member announced on Instagram, he suffered multiple hip fractures and a broken L5 vertebrae as a result.

“It was awesome until it wasn’t, man,” Pastrana said of Gymkhana filming in a video posted to social media. “I think even Ken’s gonna be excited about this one. One-hundred-plus miles per hour, millimeters away from touching the rear bumper on the Subaru wagon.”

It wasn’t the driving that got Pastrana in trouble, though.

“Had a good try to do a base jump which [Pastrana’s wife] Lyn-Z [Adams] wasn’t proud of. I always said I wasn’t gonna base jump anymore after losing some friends there. Unfortunately made a couple of wrong decisions which made a really simple base jump difficult.” Pastrana continued, “Finally ended up in a situation where it was a 180 turn too low or land in the trees. In hindsight, I should’ve landed in the trees.”

He’s apparently moving already, and he does have feeling in the lower half of his body. Pastrana claims the doctor told him he’d heal up OK and it wouldn’t be “much worse” than before. That’s not really saying a ton, though, since the extreme sports athlete has had plenty of injuries in the past—both televised and non.

The Drive will keep you updated as more info is released regarding Pastrana’s condition, though right now, he’s already talking fine and interacting online. You can bet he’s super, super sore, though.

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