What Car Would You Ask Santa to Bring You?

The elves are now autoworkers. What's on your wishlist?

For most, the holiday season means time off from regularly scheduled duties, perhaps some small get-togethers with friends and family, and, of course, presents. While we all know Santa‘s operation really only deals with toys for the well-behaved under a certain age, we wanted to ask the grown-up car lovers in the room: If, theoretically speaking, Santa’s elves suddenly became autoworkers, what car would you want the big bearded man to bring you?

Keep in mind the fact that St. Nick’s operation is impervious to modern emissions and safety regulations, so old cars are completely fair game here. A squeaky-clean McLaren F1? Brand new Porsche GT3? For me, it’d probably have to be a pearl white Lexus LFA. Now that would be a Lexus December to Remember.

Before you all go putting down the Ferrari 250 GTO (generally accepted as the world’s most expensive car) with plans of selling it and then never working another day in your life, let me remind you that such behavior is unequivocally considered “naughty” in Santa’s eyes. What’s more, it’s unlikely GTO values will stay high enough to let you retire early after you realize every other cynically opportunistic car enthusiast asked for the same thing from the man in the red-and-white suit. 

I’m now being told by my boss that I have thought about this bit way too hard and should probably wrap things up—pun 100 percent intended.

So, what car would you ask Santa to bring you?

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