Party Crashers: Ford Bronco Concepts Show Up at Jeep’s Biggest Event in Moab

Ford invited itself to the Easter Jeep Safari with a few Broncos of its own.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Party Crashers: Ford Bronco Concepts Show Up at Jeep’s Biggest Event in Moab

If you consider yourself a true off-roader, then you're definitely aware of Easter Jeep Safari. Heck, you might even be in Moab right now with the rest of the four-wheeling fanatics. Should that be the case, look out for a fleet of custom Ford Broncos who just so happen to be trawling around Hell's Gate at the same time as Jeep's wild Wrangler and Gladiator concepts.

Ford announced that it's officially teaming up with RTR Vehicles, ARB 4x4 Accessories, and 4 Wheel Parts for aftermarket Bronco goodies. As part of that announcement, a caravan of Broncos stormed Moab for what Ford called the "Easter Safari" event, intentionally leaving out the Jeep tidbit. That's sure to spark some funny looks from the Wrangler diehards because as we've seen already online, they're wheeling right beside one another.


RTR Bronco

Vaughn Gittin Jr., pro drifter and RTR president, has been posting videos of a stock Bronco four-door with the Sasquatch Package climbing obstacles all around Moab. Once the news dropped about his company's tie-up with Ford on Tuesday morning, though, we got to see the RTR Bronco in full garb. 

It's a Badlands model Bronco with an RTR-built rear bumper and rock sliders, plus a custom 3D-printed grille that goes nicely with the silver and neon yellow motif. It rides on 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers, which seem to have been optioned in place of those Goodyear Wrangler-Not-Wrangler mud terrains. Nitto is a big sponsor of Gittin Jr., after all.

There are a few other add-ons to highlight like the Project X lights mounted up top and the 12-volt Type S Blizzard Box fridge and freezer combo in the rear.


ARB Bronco

As for ARB's four-door Badlands model, it focuses more on the fundamentals—no surprise there. It's got in-house-built, heavy-duty rock sliders and a tougher differential cover to match its new airbag-compliant front and rear bumpers, plus an ARB twin air compressor and multi-level storage out back. 

It, too, rides on 35-inch tires, though they look to be the Sasquatch Package's factory Goodyears.

If you're more focused on the essentials, this is undoubtedly the best of the bunch.


4 Wheel Parts' Bronco

Finally, 4 Wheel Parts' Bronco is a four-door Black Diamond trim that's equal parts show and go. It's painted in vibrant red with matching accessories, from the Smittybilt rooftop tent to the hardware on the 17-inch Method wheels. Mounted on those rollers are hulking 37-inch BF Goodrich mud terrains, which we expect to see on the upcoming Bronco Warthog performance variant.

There's a plethora of lighting accessories here, which are just as useful as they are cool to look at. Remember, function over form is key for 4x4 success, and this seems like a decent blend of both.

4 Wheel Parts also built the Bronco Sport concept you see in this article's lead image, which features a slick rooftop tent and a tailgate-mounted spare tire carrier. There aren't a ton of details about that project yet, and the same goes for the deep red Bronco four-door that Ford built with a list of factory-built accessories. Regardless, they round out the bunch nicely with more add-ons than you'd ever want or need.

These parts are slated to be available at launch for the two- and four-door Bronco models this summer. If you optioned yours with a dual-panel roof, there might be even more on the market come delivery time.

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