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The Latest EV Conversion Kit Turns a Classic Mini Into a 160-HP Electric Hot Rod

It mounts directly to the original subframe, making the swap a (relative) breeze.

Not many classic cars combine the size and road-handling of an original Mini. Still, for those who’ve had enough of BMC A-series engines leaking oil while running out of revs well under 7,000 rpm, the UK’s Swindon Powertrain just came up with a full EV conversion kit that doesn’t require any body modifications. Better yet, Swindon’s HPD E Powertrain system weighs just 154 pounds, keeping the car light on its feet.

The system mounts to the original Mini front subframe with specially designed brackets for easy installation. The kit also includes purpose-designed inner CV joint housings that allow the fitment of standard Mini driveshaft assemblies, featuring the standard differential while the limited-slip upgrade remains on the options list.

Also optional are a purpose-made 12-kilowatt-hour battery pack replacing the original four-cylinder engine, a motor controller, an onboard charger and DC-DC converter, a speed sensor kit and a cooling system pump.

Swindon Powertrain

While the continuous 107-hp electric motor kit that also gives you a peak output of 160 hp costs $3,434, it only gets more expensive from there. With the 12-kWh battery pack and every other option ticked, you’re looking at a $12,354 classic Mini powertrain.

In other EV news, Volvo has announced it will focus on developing its own electric motors for its battery-powered and hybrid cars based on the forthcoming SPA 2 modular vehicle architecture. This comes thanks to its new electric motor lab in Shanghai, which contributes to its already-strong efforts in e-motor development. Having Polestar as its high-end performance cousin, Volvo is aiming for 50 percent of its sales to be fully electric vehicles by 2025, with the rest hybrids. Wait until somebody jams this inside a classic Mini…


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