Let People Know What Kind of News You Really Care About with The Drive‘s New Blipshift Merch

The Nurburgring Times should be a real outlet, to be honest.

byChris Tsui|
Culture photo


In terms of world news, we're about to head into a pretty significant and heavy week, in case you haven't heard. And even though it's important to keep yourself reasonably informed on the more serious matters of the globe, sometimes it's easier to just let people know that the only news you really care about mostly revolves around how quickly a certain fast automobile can go around some random toll road out in Germany. If you're the type to "not care about the president" and instead only "care about (mechanical) ponies," we've got just the thing for you. 

The Drive has, once again, partnered up with automotive apparel purveyor Blipshift to introduce a selection of "News Travels Fast II" merch. Specializing in "the fastest news delivery possible," this Nürburg-based newspaper understands that people need a break from constantly hearing about viruses and senates and is dedicated to writing the news folks like you and I actually look forward to hearing about every day.


If only it was real. But still, you can now rep The Nürburgring Times all year long with T-shirts, a long sleeve, hoodie, or tank top. There's even a 12x18-inch poster you can snag to put up in your garage, office, bedroom, racing sim lair, wherever. The wearable products start at $20 while the poster can be yours for $25. The merch will only be available until November 9, so if you're a fan, act soon.


In case you haven't already figured out already, The Nürburgring Times is a fictional publication. Although, it would be a pretty good name for anyone trying to start another automotive news outlet. Er, not that we're in the business of encouraging folks to start any websites that would compete with this one... Hey, don't you have some online shopping to do?