Take Pandemic Baking to the Next Level With These Fantastic Car-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Sourdough was so first wave. What you really want are Citroën DS-shaped snickerdoodles.

byStef Schrader| PUBLISHED Oct 27, 2020 10:03 PM
Take Pandemic Baking to the Next Level With These Fantastic Car-Shaped Cookie Cutters

We all know at least one person who's spent this year diving face-first into bread making. I love bread as much as the next person, but the work to reward ratio is often a bit off. For those of us with less patience and more of a sweet tooth, cookies just do all of that better, and now you can bake your own car. Or someone else's car. Or a car you just like. (You get the idea.)

CarCookieCutters.com has a delightfully diverse selection of 3D-printed cookie cutters. Not only are they in the shape of popular rides, but they have some impressive little details, like nubby off-road tires on the Ford Bronco and the little side-mounted headlamps on the BMW Isetta. There are also logos and other recognizable parts from cars, including Jeep's heavily guarded

grille design. You can even find cookie cutters for campers to pull behind your car cookies. 

We've even tested them out—at least on the eating side. Car Bibles' editor Andrew Collins said that his wife used the site's International Harvester Scout cookie cutters for his birthday, and sure enough, the details survived baking. 


Using an Isetta-shaped cookie cutter looks far easier than the time I got bored and tried to carve an Isetta out of fromager d'affinois, anyway. (I still need to revisit the "car made out of real cheese" idea, though. It's a good one.)

The site says they've been slowly adding to their inventory over the years, so while they don't have your bitchin' Camaro at the moment, perhaps you can kindly request one. The Porsche 944 (a car that they do have in stock) has wheels called "cookie cutters," so yo dawg, I may have to ask about cookie cutter cookie cutters. 

They also have my vehicular nemesis, however, and there is something appealing about the idea of crushing its smug little pop-ups with my teeth. Regardless of whether you want to make your own car or rip your eternal automotive enemy apart in cookie form, we're hungry now. Bye.

You can find these fun cookie cutters for sale here

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