Nissan Murano’s Urban Adventure on Unfinished Bridge Is a Clueless Driver Classic

There's a reason the bridge isn't open.

Here at The Drive, we always like a twist on the classic “man drives into a construction zone” joke. And today, folks, we got a good one. Earlier this week, the driver of this Nissan Murano apparently failed to heed barriers and signs that a construction zone was ahead and attempted to cross the currently unfinished westbound section of the Lewis and Clark Viaduct Bridge in Kansas City.

First shared in a Reddit post in the rather self-explanatory /r/idiotsincars subreddit, the pictures show that the Nissan lost most of its exhaust piping and a number of plastic parts to the metal shear studs sticking up from the unfinished surface. The Murano has 6.9 inches of ground clearance, clearly which wasn’t enough to avoid catastrophic damage to its undercarriage during its 30-foot off-road adventure.

Given the circumstances, the car had to be towed off the bridge with a small crane. But while this damage looks pretty severe, the driver is undoubtedly lucky that something was under his car. As of about three months ago there was still a massive gap in the bridge with the final section not yet installed, in which case things could’ve been much worse.

Although we weren’t able to find any more current images of the bridge’s progress via Google Maps, we were able to find these photos from the Kansas City Metropolitan Department of Transportation’s Twitter account. If you’re curious, here’s the exact location where the accident seems to have taken place.

Luckily, no injuries were reported as a result of the accident—no injuries to people, at least. The damage to the underbody of that Murano is likely extensive and because the car is so new, it likely won’t get totaled; however, with all the time that car is going to need in the shop, the owner might hope otherwise.

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