Finally, Ducatis You Can Fold Up and Store In the House

Ducati's trio of new foldable e-bikes give you the style of a big Ducati motorcycle in a small package you can haul to a charger.

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If you’ve been cooped up in the house too long, now is the perfect time to get on a bicycle. If you’re worried that you’ve become a bit too out of shape to save face up steep hills, an e-Bike is the way to go. 

Fortunately for fans of rowdy Italian motorcycles, Ducati came out with three new folding e-bikes inspired by their regular product line-up, and they look rad. Finally, a Ducati no one will complain about if you store it inside the house!

SCR-E, Ducati

The Ducati SCR-E and SCR-E Sport both call back to the retro-cool Scrambler motorcycle, wearing the Scrambler’s bright yellow and black branding. Both feature automatic headlights, tail lights, meaty tires and an external temperature gauge, according to Gear Patrol. The SCR-E gets a 374-Wh battery. The Sport gets a couple cool upgrades: a full suspension to soak up hard bumps and an upgraded 468-Wh battery that can go as far as 50 miles on a charge. 

Urban-E, Ducati

The Urban-E is less specific as to which Ducati it’s referencing, but it’s unmistakably from the Italian motorcycle brand. It was designed in partnership with Italdesign, and is notably more svelte in design than the SCR-E bikes, both in frame and in tires. Its aluminum frame comes in either grey or black, and features Ducati Red accents, LED headlamps peeking out of the frame and an integrated LCD display for you to monitor the bike’s performance. The 374-Wh battery can boost your pedal-power for 43 miles. The tires, while not as meaty as the SCR-E’s, still look wide enough to handle city bumps and feature anti-puncture Kevlar technology. 

Batteries for the bikes are integrated into the frames, but unlike a typical bike where removing them is the way to go for a charge, you can just fold the entire Ducati e-bike up and take it inside. Per Gear Patrol, all you need to do is fold back the handlebars and fold the body in two. When they’re in use, though, both bikes thankfully already come with fenders. 


Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but these are so cool that we hope they’re not as pricey as Harley-Davidson’s non-electric retro bicycle

SCR-E Sport, Ducati

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