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What Is the Most Inappropriately Fancy Car Name in History?

Chevrolet Celebrity was gag-inducing, but we're pretty sure you folks can remember worse.

Across the automobile’s more than century-long history, automakers have resorted to some truly shameful names to help sell otherwise disappointing vehicles to the unsuspecting public. Some have been guiltless attempts to cater to auto aficionados, such as the Chrysler Sebring, while the likes of the Jeep Commander sought to sucker military and outdoorsy types alike. Possibly worst of all, though, is when a carmaker tries to evoke social status with a pretentious nameplate, like the Chevrolet Celebrity, which was the subject of precisely zero paparazzi photo shoots in its lifetime.

So, with the mind on nasty nameplates, we’d like to ask our audience: What is the most inappropriately fancy car name of all time?

The aforementioned Chevy is surely near the top, though it has plenty of company from other General Motors products. The Chevy Blazer, for example, shares a name with an article of formalwear, though it has never been remotely as refined as its namesake. In a similar vein, the Pontiac Grand Prix was nowhere near as sporting as its name implied (that’s a discussion for another day), never mind as glamorous, and the same went for its sister model the Monte Carlo.

But when it comes to inappropriately referencing the wealthy little principality, no car beats the Dodge Monaco, which was about as sophisticated and European as an ambrosia salad. Not that there’s anything wrong with ambrosia salad, but it’s not something one would serve to their prom date—just as one wouldn’t dare try to valet-park a Dodge Monaco, even at The Melting Pot.

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