Strangers Rip Drive-By Burnouts to Celebrate Boy’s Birthday in Quarantine

From Fox-Body Mustangs to a rowdy Kia Telluride, there was nothing but love for this Florida kid.

byChris Teague|
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What’s the best birthday party you remember having as a kid? Did it have a bounce house? Zoo animals? Regardless, it probably didn't have a bunch of strangers cranking burnouts in front of your house. Your birthdays may have been cool, but they've got nothing on this kid's idea. A 13-year-old Florida boy and his family set up a trap for anyone driving through their neighborhood by making a “Burn-Outs For Birthdays” sign, issuing the challenge: “Bet your old shitbox can’t make clouds.”

Challenge accepted. In Florida, questioning a man’s truck is on par with challenging his manhood, so the kid’s bait is pro-level. The birthday crew caught dozens of drivers with their trap, many of which were diesel trucks and retro muscle cars. There’s even a couple of sportbikes and a nasty-sounding MKIII Supra thrown in for good measure, though the Toyota’s main contributions to the party were its aggressive exhaust notes. 

The biggest surprise of the day came from a Kia Telluride roasting its front tires through the neighborhood.  

As for the best burnout, that goes to this Fox-Body Ford Mustang. 

Lastly, don't miss this rowdy Subaru WRX who threw down a few raucous donuts. It's much harder to do a real burnout with all-wheel-drive, but a bit of dirt-slinging hoon action does the job just fine.

There are over 40 slides on the original Facebook post, meaning there was a massive turnout for the kid's sweet 13. Who said quarantine has to be boring?

By the end of the day, the road looked like a well-conditioned drag strip, and it’s hard to imagine a smarter birthday idea for a teenager. It’s also unlikely that all of the neighbors were on board with the shenanigans, but there’s no indication that the police were called on the party. 

Rock on, Ken!

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