Chevrolet Takes a Dig at Ford Mustang on Its 54th Birthday

Camaro blows out the candles on a Mustang birthday cake.

byGeorge Kuruvilla| UPDATED Apr 18, 2018 11:52 AM

The legendary Ford Mustang just turned 54 years old. And over the past five decades or so, this pony car from Detroit has become a pop icon of legendary status. Pages, if not chapters can be written and read about it from the all-encompassing book on automotive history. And simply by the sales reports alone, we are led to believe that this is arguably the most loved American sports car of all time. It is so loved, some people love to hate it and every now and then, some brands love to take a dig at it, when given the opportunity.

One such example is rival company Chevrolet, which recently posted a video on the Chevrolet Arabia Facebook page wishing the Mustang a happy 54th in a hilarious manner. The video entails a bearded gentleman who is holding what is presumably a birthday cake shaped like a Mustang logo with two number candles lit, standing on the side of the sandy roads in the middle of nowhere, waiting for his ride. Unfortunately, a Camaro turns up instead and not just blows past the unsuspecting hipster, but blows out the candles too, in spectacular fashion.

It is hard to debate the ingenuity behind the video and the same goes for the caption that Chevy has used: “We don’t just bring the thunder. We steal it, too.”

There is nothing like a little rivalry between the brands. But surely, we hope that the folks at Ford see the humor in this as we do. And perhaps, we can expect camp Mustang to gatecrash Camaro’s birthday party as it turns 51 later this year.