Every Camaro SS That Chevrolet Brought to SEMA Has New, Less-Ugly Front Fascia

A little plastic surgery can work wonders, even on the rowdiest subjects.

byEric Brandt|
Every Camaro SS That Chevrolet Brought to SEMA Has New, Less-Ugly Front Fascia

When Chevy pulled the wraps off of the facelifted, sixth-generation Camaro, reactions were...mixed. There was a widespread negative reception to the new look of the Camaro SS which, according to many, has a face only a mother could love. Now it looks like Chevrolet is rethinking that design because every Camaro SS at Chevy's SEMA 2018 booth has a new “concept” front end that’s much easier on the eyes, as pointed out by GM Authority.

Sorry for the reminder, but this is what the 2019 Chevy Camaro SS looks like., Chevrolet

This isn’t really a radical redesign of the post-facelift, sixth-gen Camaro. Essentially, it takes the middle bar that separates the upper and lower grille and paint matches it rather than having a big, black void there. It also repositions the bowtie emblem to the upper grille rather than smack dab in the middle of the car’s face.

We can’t imagine it’s a coincidence, or that Chevy just forgot to bring even one Camaro SS that looks like the production model to SEMA. It has us wondering if the current mug of the SS model will only survive the 2019 model year before being replaced with the more handsome “concept” front fascia.

2019 Camaro SS Shock Concept, Chevrolet

The Camaro could use all of the help it can get since it’s lagging behind in sales against the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger despite beating both domestic competitors in sales every year between 2010-2014. The chief Camaro engineer even admits that the Mustang is “eating [Camaro’s] lunch” in sales and we can’t imagine the new face of the SS doing it any favors compared to the more comely Mustang GT or Challenger R/T.

Whether the potential new face on the Camaro SS looks better than that of competing muscle cars is debatable, but many will agree that it's an improvement over the production version.