Mazda, Porsche Offer Free Car Care for Medical Workers No Matter What They Drive

Those on the front-line are getting real help with pro bono oil changes and more from the pair of automakers.

byJames Gilboy|
Mazda News photo

As the rate of new coronavirus cases in America finally starts to slow, doctors, nurses, and everyone else at the forefront of the fight is being stretched to their breaking points, and they need help. Not just performative clapping or a sign in your window, mind you, but actual help getting through their days; help taking care of necessities otherwise being neglected to keep someone else's loved ones alive—like getting their cars' oil changed on schedule. Fortunately, two major automakers aren't blind to healthcare workers' plights and have stepped up to the plate to offer free car care, regardless of make or model of vehicle.

Mazda announced Wednesday that it has been inspired by its most upstanding dealers to offer pro bono oil changes to healthcare professionals across the U.S. Visiting a Mazda dealer to partake in the free service also entails an "enhanced" car cleaning regimen, wherein techs will wipe down the most-touched surfaces inside and outside the car with EPA-approved cleansers, all in the name of keeping the vehicles sanitary.

"In this challenging time, we want to do what we can to support our local healthcare workers," said Jim McDonald, chairman of the Mazda National Dealer Advisory Council. "We deeply appreciate all they have done and will continue to do in the fight against COVID-19."

Porsche will also do its part in America, albeit on a smaller scale, offering free roadside assistance to healthcare pros working in Ontario, Canada, reports Motor Illustrated. Until May 31, the roughly 235,000 such personnel employed in the province will have free access to jump starts, tows, and other aid available through 1-800-PORSCHE, provided they are carrying their work ID at the time of service. Like Mazda's campaign, Porsche's is badge-blind and will be offered even if you're driving a rusted-out Mitsubishi Lancer.

To benefit front-liners Stateside, Porsche is auctioning off the final 991-generation 911 Speedster, proceeds from which will be distributed based on input from charitable network United Way.

"The proceeds are intended to support communities and initiatives in Atlanta and Los Angeles but not exclusively so—it will also benefit communities throughout America—providing support to where it's most needed," explained Angus Fitton, Porsche North America's Vice President of PR, to The Drive. "We will be guided by United Way on where the money is spent."

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