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New Jersey Town Has the Country’s Most Hilarious Electronic Traffic Signs

All right, guys. You win.

byChris Chin|
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When running about on busy stretches of road, drivers don’t often think to give digital traffic signs anything more than a quick glance. But police in one New Jersey town thought of a brilliant way to grab the attention of motorists during the busiest travel days of the year with some classic Garden State humor.

Police in the town of Robbinsville, just east of Trenton, decided to take advantage of the holiday spirit and theme their safety signs as a way to help and entertain motorists. For example, plenty of people dread having to see their relatives at Christmas get-togethers. The Robbinsville PD’s recommendation?

But this isn’t the first time the town’s law enforcement agency has resorted to sly humor to get people to slow down; more specifically, at one of the the area’s busiest intersections—Route 33 and County Route 526, according to Robbinsville PD Chief Chris Nitti.

“We’re not making light of speeding, we’re trying to get people talking,” Nitti told local reporters at “This is the third one, the second was ‘Santa sees you when you’re speeding.’”

Nitti also said his department gained inspiration for the idea after perusing the Internet and seeing others take the same approach. We bet they got a few hints from the state of Utah’s Department of Transportation, who went viral over their hilarious digital road sign readings.

“Don’t drive high, only Ziti should be baked,” Nitti said of another note shown on a digital sign in his town. “It’s rolling on and we’re under pressure to find the next one.”

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