Turbo Proposal: Man Successfully Uses Turbocharger to Pop The Question

A shop wrote "will you marry me?" on the compressor blades.

Proposing to your significant other is a special and intimate occasion that marks a life changing event, bringing with it joy and a unique story that will last a lifetime. And forget a stadium Jumbotron note or those sappy “surprise” photo shoots—one car enthusiast decided to incorporate his-and-her’s shared love of forced induction by popping the question with a ring and a special note tucked in a KC300X 63/73 turbo.

Arizona-based diesel performance retailer KC Turbos broke the news that one of its customers bought the $1,190 unit, designed for a Ford 7.3L PowerStroke turbodiesel V8, with the intention of using it to propose to his girlfriend. It’s a sweet story—the couple had been working on a truck build together, she wanted a new turbo, and yes, there was still going to be a ring involved. Upgrades all around. 

But KC Turbos upped the ante by offering to write “Will you marry me?” on the compressor wheel blades. The Facebook post below tells a slightly different story, but the final image is a screenshot of a text conversation with the buyer that clears things up.

Fortunately, the man’s girlfriend loved the idea and immediately said yes. Not only about to the ring, but also to the turbo – the man says that she can’t wait to hear what it sounds like on her truck. It calls to mind a recent viral story where a couple blew up the internet taking cliched holding-the-newborn-child photos with their new Eaton supercharger. Hey, we may have just uncovered the ultimate way to buy car parts without being scolded.