Nebraska Driver Paints Registration Sticker on License Plate, Cops Have None of It

Kudos on the artwork, but sucks about the ticket.

Nebraska State Patrol

We get it, car ownership can be expensive and time-consuming. On top of car payments and gas, drivers must budget for insurance, parking, regular maintenance, and unexpected repairs. Another expense people typically forget to budget for comes courtesy of Uncle Sam: vehicle registration. One Nebraska driver, however, took matters into his own literal hands by hand-painting his own registration sticker instead of ponying up for a proper tag.

According to Fox News, a Nebraska State Trooper pulled over the unidentified driver on Interstate 80 on Monday when he spotted the DIY "stickers." The not-so-bad artwork indicated that the plates were good until May 2020. As Nebraska State Patrol wisely pointed out on Facebook: "Art is great and no doubt it takes talent. However, that talent does not amount to actually having valid vehicle registration." 

It wasn't specified if the work was done in-house by the driver or outsourced to a morally questionable artist. And while the painted-on stickers may look legit from a distance, they're rather sloppy up-close. In any case, the driver was slapped with a ticket for driving with fake plates as well as not having a valid motor vehicle registration.

In related motoring MacGyver news, a Colorado trucker was recently caught with a bottle of red Gatorade duct-taped to the back of his truck in lieu of a working taillight. Before that, police in Australia pulled a Holden over and found a garden-variety leaf blower under the hood. That car's owner said it was installed in the pursuit of "improving engine performance."