People Are Losing Their Minds Over Beach Illusion That’s Actually a Beat-Up Car Door

Behold the vehicular equivalent to 2016's infamous black and blue or white and gold dress illusion.

Social media has been set ablaze several times by simple yet admittedly puzzling optical illusions which can have anyone second-guessing their eyesight—and their sanity. If you were on the internet just a short spell ago in 2016, you’ll remember the picture of a dress which was posted to Tumblr and shared across both Facebook and Twitter; people just couldn’t agree if the ladieswear was black and blue or white and gold. It eventually sparked an outrage and over 38 million Buzzfeed readers alone debated their stance.

Now, it seems as if another cyberspace conundrum has popped up and Twitter users are back at it again: is this a picture of a sandy beach at night, or just the bottom of a broken car door?

The real answer is…a car door. 

Supposedly, if you’re more of an artistic type, you’ll see a beach with rippling waves illuminated by the night sky at first glance. However, as the original poster confirmed, it’s really not that complicated.

The “waves” aren’t actually water at all but, instead, a worn piece of metal. The “sand” is dirt underneath the car and the “sky” is the vehicle’s dark paint job.

Don’t feel bad if it isn’t clicking with you quite yet, though. Commenters are going bananas saying this has surely got to be a prank.

Others, though, are coming up with answers all their own.

Whether you’re right- or left-brain dominant, it’s at least a fun game to try and see both sides of the illusionary and theoretical coin. 

Not to brag, but I see both.

h/t: Insider