Arizona Rental Car Workers Arrested for Stealing Dozens of Cars, Shipping Them to Mexico

The trio lifted cars from Hertz and Enterprise lots at a Phoenix airport before sending them south of the border.

We’ve all probably taken a pen or two home from the office or used the company printer for things that aren’t necessarily work-related, but this takes workplace theft to a whole new level. Three friends who all happen to work at rental car companies at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have been arrested and charged with vehicle theft after stealing at least 26 cars off of their employers’ lots, reports ABC15 Arizona. Rick White, 23, and Dwayne Cantley, 45, worked at Hertz while Tyshawnee Collins, 20, was employed at Enterprise. 

Reportedly, the rental car bandits colluded in driving cars off of their lots without scanning them. According to police, all three of the accused can be seen pretending to scan cars out in surveillance video footage. Hertz apparently told police that 21 of the stolen vehicles ended up in Mexico just days after they went missing. 

The report also notes that GM’s OnStar security system had a part in helping police apprehend at least one of the suspects. The three rental car workers were arrested on May 15 at Cantley’s home in Avondale, Arizona.

Coincidentally, a report surfaced last week on the history of legitimate, paying Hertz customers being arrested for driving a rental car that had somehow been reported as a stolen vehicle. Something tells us faulty software isn’t the issue in the case of White, Cantley, and Collins but if any of their defense attorneys find themselves grasping at straws defense-wise, here’s a freebie from us.