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Lyft Express Drive Allows Denver Lyft Drivers to Rent New GM Cars

Lyft drivers can now drive a brand new GM vehicle for between $135-$180 a week.

byMax Goldberg|
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GM and Lyft have partnered for a new program in Denver called Lyft Express Drive. This partnership allows Lyft drivers to rent a new GM car for between $135 and $180 a week to use for work. This particular program has been around for several years and is currently available in 16 cities, however, Lyft is tweaking it to be more driver friendly.

Rather than limiting to the driver to using the vehicle during work hours only, drivers are allowed to use the vehicle for personal use as well. Previously, drivers would have to pay an additional weekly fee for every mile they used without transporting a fair. This isn’t the first time Lyft has had ways for drivers to rent a car for work. In years past, Lyft has held a partnership with Hertz, however, this program allows drivers to quickly apply and reapply for a car through the app.

A neat feature of the program is that Lyft and GM will waive the weekly rental fee if drivers successfully complete between 63 and 84 rides (required number of rides depends of vehicle rented). That means, if drivers keep a steady work schedule, they will have a free car and car insurance. Hopefully this new program will improve the Lyft experience for both the driver and customer.

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