Drone Racing League Launches Racer 3, Its Fastest Drone Yet

And this racing drone's stats say it's quicker than a Formula 1 car.

The Drone Racing League—a.k.a. DRL—is known for its world-renowned pilots navigating through insane three dimensional courses. Now, the Allianz World Championship season of the ESPN racing show is getting even faster. 

Drone Racing League

On Thursday, DRL announced the Racer 3, its completely custom—and fastest—drone yet. The Racer 3 is capable of doing zero to 80 miles per hour in less than one second. For comparison, that easily trumps the typical Formula 1 car; those vehicles’ zero-to-60 times have been as low as 1.6 seconds, but are typically more in the 2.1-2.7 second range. 

Drone Racing League

Although these numbers are incredible, the F1 cars easily pull away at the top end; the Racer 3 drone is limited to a mere 85 mph. 

Adding flair for pilot identification, the Racer 3 sports 210 RGB LEDs and uses 6-inch tri-blade props for agility and traction. 

Drone Racing League

This sport is only becoming more competitive, and as bigger names and brands flock to support it, it means we live in a world where you can become a professional racing drone pilot. The Allianz World Championship season will premiere on ESPN on June 20 at 8pm EST.

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