Porsche Will Continue Producing, Selling Current Macan Alongside Next-Gen EV: Report

Prefer your Porsches the old-fashioned way? No problem, says Porsche.

Porsche will reportedly continue to sell its current, internal combustion-powered Macan crossover alongside its electric successor.

The automaker announced Tuesday that the next generation of Macan crossover will be sold exclusively as an electric vehicle (EV), one sharing the J1-derived PPE architecture co-developed by Audi and Porsche, along with their respective 800-volt drivetrain systems. Porsche’s electric Macan will be its third EV, following the Taycan sedan that launches late this year, and its Taycan Cross Turismo relative thereafter.

This will reportedly not mean the end of the internal combustion-powered Macan, however, as Porsche will continue to sell the current generation of its compact crossover in tandem with the EV-only model. These models will coexist because Porsche believes some of its markets aren’t ready to support EVs just yet.

“There will be a transition time, but just how long that will be has not yet been determined,” a Porsche spokesperson told Autocar. “The move to a fully electric model line-up is suitable for certain markets but, due to a lack of infrastructure and other hurdles, it is yet not possible in other markets. We are constantly monitoring the situation and can react accordingly.”

Despite the Macan just receiving a facelift for the 2019 model year, both versions of the model will reportedly adopt similar interior and exterior designs, though they will sport inherent structural differences. The EV will use Porsche’s PPE architecture, while the grandfathered model will continue to use the Volkswagen Auto Group’s MLB platform, meaning despite their outward similarities, the two vehicles will be the same model only in name.