Monte Carlo-Raced Ferrari 275 GTB Prototype Expected to Fetch $8 Million at Auction

This might be the single most desirable 275 GTB of them all.

Gooding & Co.

Obscure, vintage Ferraris have quite a reputation for making a stir whenever they hit the auction block. This 1964 275 GTB is already one of the most beautiful, iconic, and desirable Ferraris. Its unique history, though, should make it even more irresistible to collectors—and drive the price up to $8 million or more.

Amazingly, this very car was the sole prototype for the 275 line, and the first car produced. It was used to develop the transaxle, independent rear suspension, and 3.3-liter V12 found in all 275s. 

Gooding & Company

It's a well-known fact that Enzo Ferrari begrudgingly built the road cars to fund his racing efforts. Unlike most roadgoing Ferraris, though, this 275 GTB was raced.

Outfitted with a few choice upgrades such as auxiliary lighting and a limited-slip differential, this 275 GTB was entered in the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally. Unfortunately, it failed to finish due to drivetrain issues. That might be for the best, as some non-production-spec headlight bulbs disqualified five of the top six finishers, making it the most controversial Monte Carlo Rally of all time.

Gooding & Company

Still, this upcoming sale represents a special opportunity to own a prototype of an iconic Ferrari model with racing pedigree. That's an amazing trifecta that should trigger a bidding war between several motivated buyers, especially considering the fact that this car has been holed up in a private collection for the past quarter century.

This one-of-a-kind Ferrari 275 GTB will be offered at Gooding & Company's upcoming Scottsdale, Arizona auction, which takes place on Jan. 18-19.