The Governor of New York Has Never Seen a Ferrari

Not if he thinks NYC’s new bus looks like one.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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New York governor Andrew Cuomo's love of cars has manifested itself in both his garage (he's owned a '75 Corvette and '68 Pontiac GTO, among other vehicles) and in his budget priorities (his lack of commitment on a stable source of funding for the MTA). You'd think that someone who loves cars so much would have a decent idea of what a Ferrari looks like. But then you'd be wrong.

"I think it has almost a Ferrari-like look," Cuomo said of the MTA's new bus during a press conference. "Aerodynamic. Well done."

For the record, this is the bus in question:

And for the record, this is the most bus-like Ferrari ever made:

Le sigh.

Italian hyperbole notwithstanding, the new buses are scheduled to begin rolling out on select routes in Queens this year, followed by routes in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. (Staten Island, a borough that's heavily dependent on buses, can apparently suck it.) By 2020, about 40 percent of the city's bus fleet will be composed of the new models, according to the MTA.

Each bus will generate its own Wi-Fi hotspot, making life easier for that pervy guy who watches porn on the bus; each will also be outfitted with between 35 and 55 USB ports, most of which will presumably be plugged up with chewing gum by 2021. All new buses will also come with two to three LCD screens, displaying stop information, service announcements, and—you guessed it—advertisements. Hey, the MTA has to pay for the next phase of the Second Avenue Subway somehow. And God knows Cuomo doesn't want to foot the bill.