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Watch This Lightning McQueen-Themed 600 cc Trike Pull Some Sick Drifts

'Ape car' racing is an absolutely mesmerizing Italian motorsport you've probably never heard of.

Pickup trucks and vans are the most common utility vehicles you’ll find in America but the commercial vehicle scene is much different in other parts of the world. The Piaggio Ape is the most popular in Italy, an adorable three-wheeler from the makers of the Vespa scooter. Its compact size allows it to navigate the narrow Italian streets with ease, and the wide variety of configurations it comes in means you’ll see everything from auto rickshaws to flatbed pickups. Oh, and the Italians race them too.

This video filmed by 19Bozzy92 shows one such race-prepped “Ape car” in action, with a Lightning McQueen livery to boot. While the engine displacement for most production Apes doesn’t usually go above 450 cubic centimeters, this go-kart-like racer driven by Loris Rosati features a 600 cc engine out of a Honda motorcycle, resulting in some hilarious drifts and two-wheeled wheelies.

According to the description, Rosati’s car is seen here taking part in the 2018 Italian Historic Cars showcase in Camaiore, Italy, an annual vintage rally car demonstration on a street circuit outside of Tuscany. The Pixar’s Cars-themed trike is an odd sight among the hillclimb monsters present at this event, but it’s definitely our favorite.