Badass Nanny Takes Down a Package Thief After the Getaway Driver Bails

Wasn't this a Vin Diesel movie?

Delightful as they may be, the holidays are fraught with peril: Drunk drivers, annoying relatives, and yes, package thieves. In this era of online shopping, it’s all too easy for someone to swipe your package off the front porch when you’re not around. So if you’d like to guard against that, we suggest giving Seattle-area nanny Kate Anderson a call.

KCPQ News reports that Anderson was watching her friend’s one-year-old child at a house in Everett, Washington during the day last week when a delivery driver dropped off a large package at the front door. As it happens, The friend’s husband had just installed a Ring outdoor security camera facing the driveway and street; as she noted, their house is located on a busy corner.

Ten minutes after the delivery, the surveillance video shows a grey Cadillac SRX pull up to the edge of the driveway. A woman in a hooded jacket hops out of the passenger seat and jogs to the front door to grab the package. After struggling with it for a few moments, she sprints back towards the vehicle with her prize—but by that point, Anderson is already screaming expletives and running out of the house in hot pursuit. Seeing this, the getaway driver takes off with the loot before the thief can actually get into the car, leaving her sprawled in the street.

She tries to flee, but Anderson manages to take her down and lead her back to the driveway to wait for police to arrive. It’s a pretty comical scene: The Pacific Northwest air is filled with the thief’s plaintive sobs and Anderson calling her a “f***ing piece of s**t” and demanding to know why she thought she could steal from them. The woman makes a few halfhearted attempts to get up and leave, but Anderson shoves her back each time. 

All the while, the homeowner’s large black dog is running happily around the driveway, soon accompanied by a smaller dog that the thief bizarrely had stuffed in her jacket. We highly recommend watching the video in full.

According to KIRO News, Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene about eight minutes later and arrested 29-year-old Rhieanna Schindler, who was also wanted on several outstanding drug warrants. She has reportedly been arrested more than 20 times in the past seven years. The package was filled with items for the baby Anderson was watching.

YouTube | ViralHog

“She’s just like a straight baller, she’s amazing and doesn’t take any crap from anybody,” Tanya Smith, the homeowner and mother said.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said it didn’t “condone” Anderson’s vigilante approach, warning that citizens who attempt to stop criminals are putting themselves or others at risk. Still, they did pass along a note letting her know that they’re hiring—coincidentally, her last day as Smith’s nanny was last Friday. And she told KIRO News she doesn’t regret a thing.

“I think I would [do it again]. I didn’t ever feel like she was a threat to me,” she said. “So I think I would’ve handled it the same way, yes, because it’s just not OK to go around doing that. It’s so not OK with me.”