This John Deere Tractor Engine Repair Toy Is Every Gearhead Kid’s Dream Toy

You can also opt for the Theo Klein Service Car Station.

If you don’t already know what you are getting the little guy (or girl) for the Holidays, may we recommend the Theo Klein Service Car Station or John Deere Tractor Engine. For those of you who dread the day your mechanically challenged offspring take to the road, why don’t you start their learning curve early with this cool toy.

The toy comes complete with all the driveway fixes you would normally find yourself doing like changing the oil, changing the air filter, checking the dipstick, changing spark plugs and a few more. At just $120, your kid could troubleshoot vehicle issues before they even knows how to spell vehicle. Fortunately, the neat toy is powered by eight AA batteries so your kid won’t come to the dinner table smelling like he (or she) rolled in oil just yet.

Once repairs are complete, your little offspring can turn the engine over and hear it rumble with a sense of satisfaction. If you think this is a solid gift, click the link to Amazon and purchase yours today. Plus, this is a great way to pull your little one away from the computer/tv/video game screen for a few hours.