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Have You Seen a Better Adjustable Wrench Than These Ratcheting Wera Jokers?

Sometimes new tool designs really are better.
Wera Joker Spanner

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There’s no shortage of whacky tool designs that seem to create more problems than they solve, and we’ve all fallen victim to the wild claims of these gadgets at one point or another. Every time we do, we get a cold reminder that conventional tool designs have stuck around all these years for a reason, but we’ll do it again anyway. Why? Because manufacturers like Wera hide treasures among a sea of wild tool designs that actually work, such as the Joker Self-Setting Spanner.

Tool nerds are already screaming that this isn’t a new tool and that we should check out the Joker Ratcheting Combination Wrenches. And they’re right. But it is a noteworthy tool nonetheless that more people should know about. The Joker Self-Setting Spanner can essentially be described as an adjustable wrench from the future. The way they work is pretty ingenious, and it’s all thanks to a camming mechanism. 

The self-setting spanner has a rotating head that’s movement causes the sliding jaw to open and close. This function allows the wrench to adjust itself to a fastener within its jaws as pressure is applied in the direction of rotation and release when moved in the opposite direction. That releasing function also makes it possible to easily slip onto fasteners with one hand, as well as acts almost like a ratcheting mechanism that allows you to swing back and forth without having to totally reset between tightening and loosening.

Rather than having no minimum limit for fasteners like a traditional adjustable wrench, Wera does offer different sizes for a set range of fasteners. This doesn’t exactly take it out of competition with other adjustable wrenches, though, as you’d rarely use a large adjustable wrench on small fasteners and virtually never the other way around. 

What are your thoughts on the Wera Joke Self-Setting Spanner? Does the design take you as a gimmick or truly revolutionary? Drop a comment and let us know. 

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