Best Strap Wrenches: Get the Leverage You Need

Add a strap wrench to your toolbox if you need a multi-purpose tool

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PUBLISHED ON November 27, 2019

A strap wrench is a tool that can do it all. This unsung hero can help you with oil filters, glue joints, showerheads, faucets, sinks, PVC junctions, taps, stubborn jar lids, and so much more. The handle comes with a long strap, and you wrap the strap around the object and then use leverage to loosen it. Here are the top three strap wrenches for you to consider.

  • Best Overall
    RIDGID Straplock Pipe Handle
    This heavy-duty strap wrench can adjust to work with a 3- to 8-inch pipe. The entire length of the strap is 31 inches, and the handle is seven inches long. The strap is specially designed to grip plastic.
    This strap wrench excels in tight places and can give you the maximum amount of leverage. It has an innovative locking design to ensure a secure grip. It also enables you to make rapid size adjustments. 
    This strap doesn’t perform well on smaller pipes. The strap will slip when you put leverage on it. Others have found that it doesn’t work well in tight places.
  • Best Value
    TuffMan Tools Rubber Strap Wrenches
    This is a set of two strap wrenches. One has a 4-inch handle with a 19-inch strap. The other has a 5-inch handle and 24-inch strap. Both wrenches have a rubber strap.
    The dual sizing and rubber strap give these wrenches a wide range of versatility. You can use them on plastic, PVC, or metal. The handles are shaped for ergonomic comfort to make use easier. 
    These strap wrenches don’t perform well in automotive applications as the rubber will slip on oil. And the wrenches may break easily under higher pressure.
  • Honorable Mention
    RIDGID Model 5 Strap Wrench
    This strap wrench is ideal for polished pipes. It has a woven nylon strap that’s coated in a polyurethane that makes the strap more durable. It has an 18-inch handle and a 29.25-inch strap.
    All RIDGID products come with a lifetime warranty against defects against workmanship or material. It has an extra-long handle, which will give you more leverage. It’s effective on pipes that are up to five inches in diameter. 
    Some find that the strap doesn’t grip as well as rubber strap wrenches. This strap can also slip easily when under high pressure.

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  • Choose a strap wrench with a strap that is made out of the right material, is long enough, and isn’t too wide. This will enable you to wrap it around your filter or pipe and still have enough clearance. 
  • The longer the handle, the more leverage you’ll have when using the wrench. If you plan to loosen a larger pipe or filter, then you need a longer handle to compensate. 
  • Be mindful of the material that the handle is made out of. You want a material that will give you a solid grip and is strong enough to withstand the torque of you pulling on it. 


Q: How do you use a strap wrench? 

A: Take the strap and wrap it around the item you want to loosen. Thread the excess strap through the wrench. Pull the handle the direction you want to turn your filter or pipe. The portion of the handle with the teeth should lean into the strap to dig in and give you leverage. 

Q: What sizes do strap wrenches come in? 

A: You can find strap wrenches as small as six inches. Then you can find standard sizes of 12 and 18 inches. There are larger straps that are meant for heavy-duty applications. For the strongest opening/loosening power, you should match your strap wrench size to the size of the item you’re working on. 

Q: What can I use a strap wrench on? 

A: A strap wrench is most commonly used in plumbing and automotive applications. But you can use them on anything that you need to loosen. You could use your strap wrench on a jar with a lid that is too tight. 

Final Thoughts

The RIDGID Straplock Pipe Handle is a high-quality strap wrench that works well in tight spots. A quality budget option is the Rubber Strap Wrenches, which come with two different sizes.