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Autoline Pro Goes Atomic With the Ventus Automotive Smoke Machine

Because faster is always better.
Ventus Smoke Machine
Autoline Pro

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Finding leaks and fixing leaks are two different things. While one is fairly simple and even meditative, the other bends physics to its will, driving you right out of your mind. Smoke machines are a life-saving instrument for anyone who doesn’t have time to play around. They help you quickly track down leaks, so you can put troubleshooting behind you and shift right into repair mode. But what if you could make it move along even faster? That’s the goal Autoline Pro tasked itself with when it put together the Ventus Pro automotive smoke machine, an updated version of the brand’s Shop Series Leak Detector

The way Autoline Pro aims to achieve even faster diagnostics times is primarily with the use of what it calls Atomic smoke. The Ventus is designed to atomize liquid to produce smoke more quickly than those that rely on heat. To put it simply, this process creates smoke instantly with no heating up required. If you’re plugging along, solving problem after problem, or conducting multiple tests with the machine getting a break in between, that atomization process can make all the difference in the world. 

The Ventus smoke machine is also equipped with a flow meter for further testing capabilities. This meter uses liters per minute and thousandths of an inch to measure flow. You can use the flow meter to get an idea of how big a leak is, helps you find small leaks that may otherwise be undetectable, and can even serve as a way to test repairs.

This smoke machine is the first and only battery-operated machine of its kind, allowing you to position it conveniently without having to deal with any chords. And don’t worry about short-lived operations as the lithium battery delivers up to five hours of working time off a single charge. Autoline Pro also throws in a 6-foot hose, 2-in-1 cone plugs, and a pretty sweet display/storage box. Of course, it does depend on smoke fluid specifically designed for the machine and does come with 4 ounces to get you started. 

Autoline Pro’s new machine isn’t available just yet. With the anticipated release just around the corner, customers still have a chance to place preorders for the full retail price of $200. You can sign up for pre-order on Autoline Pro’s’ website

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