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Trevor’s DTRe Stella Electric Flat Tracker Is About To Make Waves in the US

You've got no excuse not to be excited about electric dirt bikes now.
Trevor DTRe Stella electric flat tracker wheelie
Robert Bacon

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If you haven’t heard of Trevor Motorcycles, you’re forgiven, as the Belgian-based brand was only founded in 2020. It recently launched its first motorcycle in the US, the DTRe Stella, which looks set to ensure the company won’t stay relatively unknown for much longer.

The hand-built electric flat tracker is every bit as striking as it is minimalist in its design. But there’s nothing minimalist about the parts that make this machine tick.

Powering this off-road spec bike is an 11kW air-cooled brushless DC 3-phase electric motor, which produces 11kW peak power / 8kW rated power. What that translates to on a bike that weighs just 183 pounds is a top speed of 56 mph, and since it’s got 23.38 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel, it shouldn’t take long to get there. 

Sending all the power to the rear wheel is a single-speed transmission and AFAM low-friction chain.

This model has a 54-mile range thanks to its 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery. When it’s time to recharge, a 1kW AC external charger will fill the battery to 80% in two hours and 100% in three. If you pick up the 3kW charger, you can recharge the battery from zero to 100% in just one hour and 10 minutes. 

Looks are subjective, but it’s hard to deny that the DTRe Stella, with its huge rear sprocket, lightly padded seat, minimal bodywork, and fat tires, is a head-turner. And if you opt to get it in the right shade of orange, you could mistake it for a baby Harley XG750R.

According to Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, co-founder and Technical Director at Trevor Motorcycles, “The market is flooded with EVs, but TREVOR comes in for those who are looking for a premium product that demonstrates a design-first approach. It immediately catches the eye with its clean lines, and then, of course, the performance blows you away. There’s nothing like it out there.” 

This bike’s design is so clean and smooth that you might think it has no place tackling jumps or sliding around a flat track, but its 43mm preload adjustable Öhlins forks and preload adjustable rear shock should say otherwise. When it’s time to slow things down, you’ll be clamping on wavy discs with Beringer calipers at the front and rear.

In the hopes of giving you traction on the loosest surfaces, Trevor has fitted the DTRe Stella with Miats off-road tires at the front and rear. This rubber wraps 19-inch HAAN Excel spoked wheels, which should prove durable enough to handle the terrain this bike is intended for.

Trevor makes the chassis, which consists of a trellis chromoly frame and a CNC-machined alloy swingarm. The aluminum handlebars come courtesy of Domino Racing. The company stands by its craftsmanship to the tune of a one-year mechanical warranty. The DTRe Stella starts at $11,975, and this includes the CDQS white body and 1kW AC external charger.