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Cardo’s New Packtalk Edgephones Will Help Every Motorcycle Coach Teach Better

Real-time feedback with up to 14 riders from the comfort of a pit lane.
Cardo Edgephones
Robert Bacon

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Cardo is the market leader in rider-to-rider communication, but what’s the go-to company for off-the-bike-to-rider communication? Well, I couldn’t tell you because even MotoGP teams communicate with riders via short messages on the dashboard. So the brand’s new Packtalk Edgephones look poised to help riders and trainers take a quantum leap forward in terms of real-time communication.

“The introduction of our new Packtalk Edgephones provides the superior solution for coaches, instructors, parents, and production professionals who need a direct line of communication with riders,” said Alon Lumbroso, chief executive officer of Cardo Systems.

The Edgephones have an Air Mount, which enables you to quickly swap a Packtalk Edge device from a helmet to the Edgephones via the magnetic mount. Once connected, you can communicate with up to 14 other people using PackTalk devices over the Mesh network. The Edgephones will also work with non-mesh Cardo devices, which only have Bluetooth connectivity. 

The headphones provide passive noise reduction, which is undoubtedly a welcome feature for those operating on the side of a noisy track. Riders will also benefit from noise reduction in the form of a noise-filtering detachable mic, which is supposed to eliminate unwanted noise for clearer two-way communication. And when it’s time to leave the track, the Edgephones fold up, making them easy to transport.

Whether it’s motocross or road racing, riders and coaches know that weather conditions aren’t always ideal. Thankfully, the Edgephones are IP54 rated. So, while you wouldn’t want to fully submerge them, they’ll easily deal with water splashes and dust.

When you think of headphones that are designed to be used at the side of a motocross track, high-definition audio quality isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the Edgephones feature 40mm JBL speakers, which have an improved music processor over the previous version and three audio profiles. So if you want to rip some AC/DC to get you in the mood before a big session, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

The Edgephones are priced at $149.95 and come with a two-year warranty, and if you want to get a bundle that includes a Packtalk Edge it’ll cost $489.95. Anyone who’s ready to take real-time rider communication to the next level can pre-order them today on Cardo’s site.