Slime’s New Inflation Station Is Yet Another Way to Keep Tires Full

It’s smaller, but it's still just as impressive as the last.
Slime Inflation Station

It pains me to say it, but not every garage needs a big air compressor to run power tools. There are some folks who just need an inflation device around the shop. That’s where Slime’s Inflation Station (great name) comes in. It mounts to the wall, taking up virtually no valuable floor space, and is more than capable of keeping tires and other inflatables up to pressure. If that sounds like something you can get into, you should know that Slime recently dropped the second generation of this inflator. 

The new Inflation Station is a lot like its predecessor in that it’s a 120-volt wall-mounted inflator. Only this time around, Slime ditched the integrated hose reel in favor of a 20-foot coiled hose, making for an even more compact package that measures seven inches long and four inches wide. That’s something folks with particularly limited space in the garage will appreciate, but it makes it more convenient to set up or relocate in any case. 

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Slime Inflation Station

Even if it is smaller, the new Inflation Station is capable of operating at impressive speeds. Slime claims this variant to be capable of inflating a standard car tire from flat to full in about six minutes. Of course, it’s equipped with the quick-connect head for tires everyone’s familiar with and comes with a few adapters for filling balls, rafts, or whatever else you want with air. 

A 0-60 PSI gauge helps you keep pressure in check, and a single power switch makes operation as simple as it gets. That minimalistic design just might be what keeps costs low, as Amazon lists the new Inflation Station at a retail price of $53.20. 

This little inflator is great if you don’t have the room or desire to work with larger, more complex devices. Is it enough for you, though? It’s also time to start thinking about holiday gifts. Is there someone you’d consider gifting this to? Let us know what tires you’re working with and if you think Slime’s new Inflation Station is up to the task. 

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