Firestone’s Firehawk AS V2 is a New All-Season Ultra-High Performance Tire

Yes. It’s already time to make the swap.
Firestone Firehawk AS V2
A lone performance tire sits ready to grip and rip., Depositphotos

Autumn is right around the corner, and summer tires won’t be doing you any favors when it shows up. Before you know it, that sporty ride is going to get more than a little slippery at every red light and around any corner. Since you need something that can handle a heavy right foot, the recently-introduced Firestone Firehawk AS V2 might just be the perfect fit. 

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The Firestone Firehawk AS V2 is an all-season ultra-high performance tire that does a few things differently than its predecessor and its competition. The tire’s design has roots in the company’s own IndyCar rain tires, which can be seen with the distinct braided tread found on the tire. Firestone says that due to this tread design, the Firehawk AS V2’s have outstanding performance in heavy rain. The engineers behind it put in the time to include other components like large outboard tread blocks and full-depth 3D sipes, designed to inspire total confidence in any condition. 

Don’t write this off as yet another all-season tire making big claims, though. Bridgestone is sending this tire out with an H, V, W speed rating and the company states that the data it’s collected proves it to be capable of faster lap times and shorter stopping distances than the direct competition and the original Firehawk AS.  

The Firehawk AS V2 is available for immediate purchase, and though modern muscle and sports cars are a natural fit, sizes for sport compact and even popular SUVs were included in the planning. You can find this tire at Bridgestone authorized dealers throughout the US and Canada for around $195 a tire at the time of writing, which isn’t too bad. 

If you’ve ever been caught in the rain behind a moderate amount of horsepower with inadequate tires, you know all too well how important a tire design like this can be. Tell us, is this the tire you’ll be throwing on your prized ride now that it’s time to give the summer tires a rest? 

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