Harbor Freight’s Daytona Line Adds Three New Jack stands

Yes, we’re talking about Harbor Freight jack stands.

byHank O'Hop|
Harbor Freight Jack Stands


It's rare that Harbor Freight comes up without its issues with jack stands being mentioned. Nobody knows that better than Harbor Freight, which has spent a lot of time trying to right those wrongs by pushing for improved designs from its in-house brands. But even if you're among those whose trust has been regained, those improvements are the first thing you're looking for as three new jack stands are being introduced to the Daytona line. Especially considering that these are designed to do a little more than simply support the average vehicle. 

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For those of you wondering what all the hysteria is about and why "Harbor Freight Jack Stands" is a dirty word around the workshop, Harbor Freight had some trouble with jack stands a few years back. In May 2020, Harbor Freight issued a recall for its three, six, and 12-ton Pittsburgh jack stands due to defective tooling in the manufacturing process that resulted in jack stands that were prone to collapsing. Then, a second recall was issued for the 3-ton jacks that would replace the previous models due to defective welds. 

The good news is that Daytona jack stands of recent times are built far better than the infamous recalled models. Daytona jack stands that have debuted since feature gusseted frames, locking pins, and better welding techniques, all to reinforce structural integrity. It's no surprise that design elements of the likes are present in the latest entries to the Daytona line. 

Harbor Freight's recalled jack stands. These new Daytona jack stands feature far better, far safer designs.

High-strength components are particularly welcome on two of the three new jack stands that are designed to support a substantial amount of weight. The heaviest lifter of the bunch is capable of supporting 22 tons thanks to its reliance on high-grade thick steel and 1-inch to 1-1/6-inch locking pin. The next is a ratcheting design that can hold up to 12 tons. While a design familiar to most, it's welded in braces, cross-seam welds, and heavy-duty steel construction, make it overkill for the average consumer. The last to join the lineup is a new 3-ton jack with removable circular rubber pads to protect that pristine undercarriage. It might be the lightest duty of the batch, but locking pins and a reinforced steel base are in place to boost the confidence of users. 

All three of these jack stands are available for purchase at Harbor Freight, and at the budget-friendly pricing you'd expect. The 22-ton heavy-duty jack stands list at 189.99 per pair, the 12-ton ratcheting jack stands at $149.99 per pair, and the 3-ton jack stands with circular pads list for $89.99 per pair. 

Are these new Daytona jacks up to your standard? Leave a comment to fill us in on what you think of Harbor Freight jack stands. 

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