DJI Drops New Osmo Action 3 Packed With Everything You Want

It’s the fastest way to make anyone record like a pro.
Osmo Action 3

DJI gets a lot of things right with its action cameras. Its innovative designs and out-of-the-box thinking are proof that not all action cameras are the same. The Action 2 shook things up by introducing us to features like magnetic mounting and a modular design that allowed content creators to push things to the next level in ways they never thought possible. And while many were still taking that in, the folks at DJI were quietly working on its latest entry to the line, the Osmo Action 3. 

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The Osmo Action 3 offers a 155-degree field of view and records 4K video at 120 fps. That’s great as is, but the fact that it’s packed with a long list of new, super-useful features is what you should be excited about. This model comes with the Rock Steady feature that automatically smooths out recordings to keep your videos clear and enjoyable in a number of situations. Its HorizonSteady and HorizonBalancing functions are also hard at work to help give every video that professional touch many of us struggle to achieve.

Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo

Dual touch screens, a forward-facing screen, fast charging compatibility, the shutter-record function, InvisiStick, voice control, and compatibility with DJI Mimo and LightCut are just a few more features that really help elevate the Osmo Action 3. It’s also resistant to temperatures as low as -20 degrees celsius (-4 degrees in American), waterproof to depths of 16 meters, has touch screens optimized for wet conditions, and has a long list of accessories that are immediately available. Oh, and DJI has carried over the beloved magnetic mounting from its Action 2, only it has been made better with the introduction of notches for added stability. 

Every time you look at the Osmo Action 3, you’ll notice something else to love. It’s arguably the best-equipped action camera out there and I’m willing to call it the fastest way to obtain pro-level recordings thanks to the combination of features to automatically improve video quality. This isn’t a product you’ll have to wait to get your hands on, either. DJI released the Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo today that you can grab for $329. The Standard Combo includes the camera itself, a protective frame, a rubber lens protector, quick-release mount adapter, and an adhesive mounting base along with the battery and charging cable. The Adventure Combo, which includes the Osmo Action 3, the accessories featured in the Standard Combo, and more, will be available on October 9th and will sell for $439.

Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo (Available October 9th 2022)

More folks will be joining the action camera community thanks to the Osmo Action 3. Its ease of use and low price makes it more obtainable to an even larger audience, and we’re sure to see even more killer content from nuts in all industries. It will be exciting to see what it conjures out of the auto and powersports communities. What are your thoughts? Will you be among the many to give the Osmo Action 3 a shot?

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