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Milwaukee’s M12 Bandfile is On Sale at Northern Tool Right Now

What makes an awesome tool even better? A discount.

byHank O'Hop|
Milwaukee M12 Bandfile deal at Northern Tool
Hank O'Hop


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My review of the M12 Bandfile picked up some major steam over the weekend. It’s safe to say many of you share the opinion that it's a great tool that just makes sense for serious DIYers and professionals. And with Northern Tool's current discount, now's the time to snag one for yourself. 

Milwaukee's M12 Bandfile is a near-perfect tool. It's running a 1/2-inch by 18-inch belt that's super easy to command and does an excellent job of chewing up whatever you feed to it. The main purpose of this tool is to remove spot welds, but, as commenters pointed out, it's great for cleaning up brake calipers and will come in handy any other time when removing stubborn deposits or waste material is necessary. 

Tool-Only. Regular Price: $249.00

While it's only been in my tool box a short while, the M12 Bandfile immediately proved useful for a massive 4-link conversion on my 1969 Charger and for anything I’ve worked on since. Its two-speed motor, variable speed trigger, and lack of a cord to get in your way bolster its versatility. It will absolutely enhance your workflow during most projects, often in ways you don't even expect it to. Right now, it's on sale for $199.00 at Northern Tool. You will need to buy batteries separately, but knocking $50 off the top still makes for a pretty sweet deal. 

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