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Home Depot’s spring Black Friday Sale is Worth Getting Amped About

Who isn’t on board with savings in the shop?

byHank O'Hop|
Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale


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Home Depot knows you're itching to get something done now that it's actually nice out. That's why it's helping feed your motivations with its Spring Black Friday sale. Naturally, most of the deals it’s running revolve around home and yard projects, but there are a few that'll go a long way in the garage. You already know I rounded up the best of those up for you. 

It's really hard for me not to give the deal Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4-inch right angle die grinder kit some love. I've said it a hundred times this week alone—I really dig this tool. I snagged one a few years back and have used it countless times since for pretty much every project I can remember. Heck. I just used it last night to grind off some brackets while I swap Heidts' Pro-G IFS front suspension conversion onto my 1969 Dodge Charger. I can't say enough good about it, and the $199.00 sale price at Home Depot is worth jumping on. 

Another deal that's really got my attention is the Gladiator 4-tier welded steel garage storage shelving Unit for $297.49. My storage room is a train wreck, and that'd definitely help get me back on track. Toss in a couple of HDX 27-gallon Tough Storage totes for $10.98 apiece, and I might actually look like a professional. 

There are plenty more savings to be had with Home Depot's Black Friday sale. Check the list below for more killer options for gearheads.