Free Batteries And Great Prices On Milwaukee And More From Ace Hardware

Big deals on some of our favorite tools you can buy online and then have shipped or pickup locally.

byMichael Febbo|
Milwaukee and Craftsman Tool Deals at Ace Hardware


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Before you say anything, I know Hank is definitely "Mr. Milwaukee." But, I appreciate quality power tools as much as anyone, so when I saw the deals that Ace Hardware has going, I had to share them. And let me respectfully stop you again, no this is not a sponsored post.

Let's start with this Milwaukee M12 Cordless Bandfile Sander. Hank reviewed it last month and called it a "near-perfect tool," after using it on his Charger Project. It is still full price at $249.00 but you get a free battery with the tool purchase; a $79.00 freebie. There are other power tool deals, some also with free batteries and others discounted if you're part of the Ace Rewards program.

Ace deals aren't just on Milwaukee power tools. There's some great prices on Craftsman, this 3/8 in. Micrometer Torque Wrench is an absolute bargain at just $54.99. I've had a similar tool for nearly 30 years. I've had it calibrated a few times over its life, but it still works great. There's also this Craftsman SAE Mechanic's Tool Set for just $99.99 that is perfect for someone just getting started or if you want a backup set of tools. I also found a little something for your buddies who come over to hold the worklight and never show up without a six pack.

Remember, Ace Hardware is a cooperative of locally owned stores(franchise). So buying from them is as close to supporting the home team as most of us can get.

More Tool Deals at Ace Hardware

Normal price is $99.99. You must be an Ace Rewards member to get this deal.