My Most-Trusted Craftsman Tool Set is on Sale for A Stupid-Good Price on Amazon 

I don't go anywhere without it.
Craftsman Mechanic's Tool Set Deal

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I drive a 1969 Dodge Charger on a daily basis. Yeah. I deal with a lot of mechanical troubles. To be completely honest, I never know what to expect other than something going wrong. That’s why I keep a Craftsman 230-Piece mechanic’s tool set in my trunk at all times. Right now, it’s on sale at Amazon for $129.00.

Yes. It’s absolutely overkill as a trunk tool kit. My Charger’s trunk is enormous, thankfully. I’m not worried about how much room it takes up. I’m honestly more worried about the drawers sliding open as it get’s slung around while I drive the car the way I’m supposed to. It’s a good thing they lock. 

Craftsman Versastack 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set for $129.00

Fancy drawers aren’t all there is to like about this kit. It’s a well-rounded set that covers all the bases. If you’re not trying to overbuild your roadside emergency tool kit, you can kickstart an entire collection with it. It’s also a Craftsman kit, so it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. As many times as this kit’s saved my neck, I can say it’s worth every penny. 

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